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Continue to article content The last time I interviewed Ted Cruz, the freshman senator from Texas, was in October, about a week after the end of the federal government shutdown. Cruz himself was running a little late that morning, and when I was finally ushered into his office, he warned me that he might be grumpy, because he was sick. It was the day before Halloween, and as I set up my recorder, I tried to make small talk—which was, as always, a thankless exercise.. I had spent hours with Cruz last year, interviewing him for a long profile in Texas Monthly. Regardless of the circumstances, each time I tried to make small talk with him, it was boring. And he seemed bored too, as he dutifully fielded my questions, trying and often failing to turn up interesting answers. I found him to be pleasant, buttoned-up and even a little bland. It was only when asked about politics, policy or the law that he came to life: Just last week, Cruz picked another fight with his own caucus. Although Democrats control the Senate, he announced, they would have to convince at least five Republicans to join them in supporting a bill to raise the debt ceiling or else he would delay the bill by filibustering.

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Dislikes Duration You can view the spreadsheet here to check it out or use it to answer your own questions. Just please give CommunicationStudies. The first thing I wanted to know was whether or not there were common words that occurred in Ted Talks. If you knew this then maybe there were common topics and discussions that were more likely to get accepted into Ted than others. To figure this out, I pulled all 1, titles from column B of the spreadsheet and put them into a word cloud generator, Wordle.

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Tall, White, and Entitled: Recently, a video of interest was passed my way. As a tall, white, attractive blonde, this TED talk struck a nerve with me, personally, as supermodel Cameron Russell was able to talk about a concept that I would never be able to deliver without sounding arrogant or conceited. Cameron Russell delivers an extremely eloquent and intelligent tale of her rise to fame as a supermodel, why she recognizes that her line of work is damaging, and how media and society perpetuate this endless cycle of beautiful people getting ahead with little or no effort.

She never planned to be a model, but simply fell into it as a teenager, made up, dressed up, and propped in front of a camera. She just happened to have the right look, proportions, and connections to make an unexpected career in modeling. Her talk is revealing and not lacking in irony, as she very well points out. Her main point is that her look and career were built around a legacy that was created by society and media, idolizing tall, slender, and overwhelmingly white women.

She admits to having won a genetic lottery that has helped advance her easily through life with favors and accolades being handed to her. Russell draws a disturbing comparison in her TED talk to those who are on the flip side of things. Humans have been doing this since the dawn of time. Being a minority, or short, or having bad skin is considered a curse to some people. This is the whole mission of the ABCs of Attraction, to eradicate this school of thought for Asian men so that people may be free to accept not only themselves but everyone else as well.

Many coaches will tell you that long routines, charm, nice clothes, and a smile are all you need to get a girl into bed.

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WATCH Author who wrote dating profile for husband has died 0 Shares Email Encouraging your partner to seek love after you die can be a difficult subject to broach, but a recent New York Times column was also a reminder of just how heartwarming it can be. Author Amy Krouse Rosenthal, who died today from ovarian cancer , recently penned a dating profile for her husband of 26 years, Jason Rosenthal.

She was such a bright light with a great sense of wonder. Amy loved her family.

The POLITICO Mag Profile. Cruz Control. The junior senator from Texas is a smart political operator—so why can’t he resist picking so many losing fights with members of his own party?

I watched talks on all subjects, given by speakers from around the world, just because so many of them are fascinating, moving, and—equally important—not very long. The speeches are then posted online for anyone and everyone to watch. One of the amazing features of TED talks is that almost every talk is subtitled in dozens of languages, including English. The fact that most lectures are available to watch without subtitles, with English subtitles, and with subtitles in many other languages makes them perfect teaching tools for ESL students of all levels.

Here in Colombia, I have mostly taught intermediate to advanced students. For my high-levels students, an un-subtitled TED talk makes a perfect and easy lesson plan. The talks, by their nature, are very intelligent but also casual, so they combine advanced vocabulary with colloquial expressions, challenging students without intimidating them. To give examples of TED talks I have used to good effect, here are three I recommend—though remember that there are hundreds of great ones.

Ken Robinson , a British educator, gave a talk that is one of the most funny, heartwarming and popular on the site.

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Image Rape victim and her attacker host TED talk0: Thordis Elva, from Iceland , was sexually assaulted by foreign exchange student, Tom Stranger in At the time she was just 16 and he was 18, and the pair were dating, The Sun reports. They have since come together to write a book about the experience, and shared the TED stage late last year to discuss the effect the incident had on each of them.

Ms Elva and Mr Stranger had been together for about a month when he raped her, meeting when he was on an exchange program in her home country.

“Older men are better companions They know the world and they know themselves. Unlike younger men, they have their emotions in balance, have read more, traveled more, experienced more, are warmer, kinder, less boastful, more tolerant, more affectionate and less violent.

Chris Anderson TED Curator After a long career in journalism and publishing, Chris Anderson became the curator of the TED Conference in and has developed it as a platform for identifying and disseminating ideas worth spreading. Chris Anderson is the Curator of TED, a nonprofit devoted to sharing valuable ideas, primarily through the medium of ‘TED Talks’ — short talks that are offered free online to a global audience.

Chris was born in a remote village in Pakistan in He spent his early years in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, where his parents worked as medical missionaries, and he attended an American school in the Himalayas for his early education. After boarding school in Bath, England, he went on to Oxford University, graduating in with a degree in philosophy, politics and economics. Chris then trained as a journalist, working in newspapers and radio, including two years producing a world news service in the Seychelles Islands.

Back in the UK in , Chris was captivated by the personal computer revolution and became an editor at one of the UK’s early computer magazines. The new company initially focused on specialist computer publications but eventually expanded into other areas such as cycling, music, video games, technology and design, doubling in size every year for seven years.

Chris eventually merged Imagine and Future, taking the combined entity public in London in , under the Future name. At its peak, it published magazines and websites and employed 2, people. This success allowed Chris to create a private nonprofit organization, the Sapling Foundation, with the hope of finding new ways to tackle tough global issues through media, technology, entrepreneurship and, most of all, ideas.

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BYU Speeches has a vast, free, searchable + database of devotional, forum, and commencement addresses with transcript, video, and audio archives.

Always give the audience something to take home. Always provide something specific the audience can do almost immediately. No matter how inspiring your message, every audience appreciates learning a tangible way they can actually apply what they’ve learned to their own lives. Inspiration is great, but application is everything: Never be afraid to say, “Tonight, think of an employee who is really struggling–and then tomorrow, do this and this to try to rescue them.

Games for Change 2. Don’t defer answering questions. If a question pops up in the middle of your presentation, that’s awesome: So seize the opportunity.

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Comment 3 Share Tweet print email Do have a tough time getting your teen or pre-teen interested in talking about math? Here are 9 engaging videos from Ted Ed featuring math ideas worth talking about. Grab your teen, pick a video and give the quizzes a go! How Folding Paper Can Get You to the Moon The incredible potential associated with exponential growth can be seen through this video that explores the simple folding of paper. Can you get to the moon when you fold one piece of paper forty-five times?

Quizzes and points for discussion can be found at http:

Edit Article How to Succeed at Online Dating. As life gets more hectic, more people are turning to online dating. Whether you use a dating app or a website (or both), online dating .

So, lets look at a few typical examples of bad profiles: I like sports and good wine. I am looking to a meet an intelligent, beautiful woman for dating and relationship. However, it has one major flaw that will make many women skip over it. It looks just like a thousand of other profiles. Lets look at another bad profile: I love hiking, watching baseball, and bbq on weekends.

Again, this profile has a very weak beginning…. Now, lets look at an example of a profile that will stand out through both the way they are written and their content. I would hate to bore you by telling you how wonderful I am by attaching to my name a bunch of flattering adjectives. I am sure that you have already found this about two hundred times in all the other profiles.

I believe that words are cheap, but actions speak much louder, so why bother?

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And I thought, what’s wrong with me? I don’t understand why this keeps happening. So I asked everybody in my life what they thought. I turned to my grandmother, who always had plenty of advice, and she said, “Stop being so picky. You’ve got to date around. And most importantly, true love will find you when you least expect it.

Italy, webb was having no luck finding a huge ted talks on to find the greens, the ted talk above to find the ted stage. Watch her online dating, a love of data: a romantic, and performances from the samanthas, music.

The theme is Philadelphia as the New Workshop of the World. Nikki Adeli, a year-old from the south with an Iranian heritage might not seem to fit the prototypical profile of a Philly-born teen. Adeli has also grown up watching TED Talks and credits many of them with changing her life. A junior at Science Leadership Academy, she also serves as Youth Commissioner to Mayor Nutter, advising on decisions impacting youth with an eye to improving their lives in the city.

She also is called to testify at public hearings on issues regarding children and teenagers. She is fluent in Farsi, the native language of her parents who emigrated to the U. She studies Spanish at the Academy and is learning Arabic on her own in her spare time. Can you tell us a little about yourself? I moved to Philadelphia in the 6th grade.

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Backstory[ edit ] Ted grew up in Walford and came from an impoverished family headed by an alcoholic father. He was protective towards his family, in particular his younger sister Kathy Gillian Taylforth , so when she started dating a local named Pete Beale Peter Dean c. Pete seemingly won Ted’s blessing and for a while Ted worked with Pete on his market stall. One day Ted asked Pete if he could store some of his stuff in his lock-up overnight. Pete agreed and that night the police came and found stolen goods in the lock-up.

Pete was arrested but would not implicate Ted and came close to being imprisoned as a result.

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By reading the book you come to care about her, you come to care about him, and you come to care about their whole family — her loss becomes your loss. You mourn alongside her. A poet writes about the blinding shock of unexpected death her husband died on a treadmill in her home in magically heartfelt prose. No words are wasted, and every moment is precious in this book and this life. Bunten Across the globe, cultural tourism is a well-established and growing industry as indigenous people showcase aspects of their culture and lives to travelers.

In her witty memoir from the frontlines of an Alaska tour company, Bunten delves into these important complexities. I was quickly swept up in deep self-reflection and truly great writing. Our story of rape and reconciliation At a time when sexual misconduct, from campus rape to the actions of world leaders, is perpetually in the news, reading this recounting by Thordis and Tom of the darkest moment in both their lives is courageous, illuminating and ultimately redemptive.

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