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Nicholas Salerno is a cat-obsessed, narcissistic, chode-gargling fuckstain, who loves to shit out an endless slew of third-rate furry art on DeviantArt. All of his works are visibly mouse-drawn with one hand in Microsoft Paint , freeing the other hand for more important activities. This art of his has the consistent quality of blocky, aliased shit , always containing inflation , vore , and other disturbing fetishes like shipping same genders allegedly. When not posting his scribblings, BlueCatRiolu enjoys his time on DeviantArt by begging for Points or a Core membership, and writing hate journals about people who criticize him , while linking to them in said journals. These call-out journals have predictably created a strong animosity towards BlueCatRiolu, and as such he must be constantly guarded by a team of highly dedicated white knights, who stand ready to defend him from the evils of constructive criticism and his defectors. The fact that this guy and his atrocious works of art have pulled in over a half-million page views in a span of about five years, while many great artists squalor in comparative obscurity, should tell you a lot about the current state of DeviantArt, and its user base consisting of mostly teenagers.


As an activist group gains power, the unlikely duo must work together to help determine the fate of a broken city. On their way they discover forbidden emotions for each other and a conspiracy that could change Zootopia forever. And Malefor is poised to destroy both realms! Spyro has no choice but to summon four brave humans to defend both realms from Malefor and his army as the Dragon Legend Power Rangers! T – English – Adventure – Chapters: After her father is killed in the fight with a fox, Judy kills it in revenge, only to be transformed into a fox herself.

Sat Feb 06, 5: A Baby Snow Leopard Are you bipedal or quadripedal?: Is your fursona different from your human personality?: Sometimes, usually its a curious, playful, and innocent side. What is your furry name?: Snowy Are you a babyfur or a regular furry?: Babyfur 4laugh What are your character traits?: Small, white fur and black spots all over, blue sparkling eyes, one little growing fang Does your fursona wear clothes?: Mmmmmhmm, I speak kitty and english 3nodding Are you attracted to other species?: Snowy likes other kitties and people Have you ever been to a furry convention?: Snowy has never even been to a con crying To you belong to furry-related websites?: No, and I dont want them to.

Do you mix your fursona with your AB-self or do you keep them separate?:

Doubtful Dating

Dating is not only mutual pleasure and joy, it is also mutual responsibility. It often happens that in dating process man and woman see different goals. In case with Moldovan woman she takes long dating process as rehearsal for future married life at the same time when for many foreign men dating with Moldovan woman is just new joyful experience, another step in exploring women, personal goals achievement, but it is not even closely coherent in mind with future marriage.

Such difference in life philosophy and dating culture might have negative results, and, first of all, on life of Moldovan woman.

There are many different types of furs in the babyfur community, each focusing on different aspects and roles. Like furry in general, babyfur culture involves a good amount of role-playing either light or heavy , both online and in the real world. The community has been growing more and more popular since the mid- to late 90’s. While the community itself is still part of the furry fandom as a whole, it is large enough to present sufficient leaders, politics and drama to give the community a nearly independent feel to it.

Common roleplaying themes include “cute” clothing onesies, footy pajamas, overalls, diapers and a child’s environment such as a nursery or day care center, complete with cribs, high chairs and babyish decor. A few babyfurs lucky enough to afford the privacy and devotion will set up adult nurseries to role play as children in real life. A sexual subset of this type of roleplaying is known as ageplay. Terminology Babyfur roles There are a few sub-groups within the babyfur community which are often described with the following terminology: Used to describe the group as a whole, however, specifically it refers to someone who roleplays as younger characters—up to the human equivalent of toddler age.

Baby paraphernalia is likely to be involved for this group and roleplay speech is often either in gibberish or very basic speech. This is a person who roleplays as a child character.

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This is guaranteed by our policies. You can be assured that you will be completely safe using our services! Verification All our female members are fully verified. Our anti-scam policy can guarantee that they are all real women and are genuinely looking for a partner. Communication Communication has never been so easy!

It might offer easy, carefree wetting, but not the sense of being “back in diapers”, forever dependent on them. It is the flipside of having a shy bladder ; being unable to not wet the diaper, as opposed to being unable to wet it. The methods are similar as well. Expectations “If I’m not wearing a nappy I can work for hours without feeling any urge to pee. In a trusted nappy I find myself wetting every 20 minutes or so This happens straight away, even if I’ve not worn a nappy for some weeks.

The first reason is biological: Conditional incontinence requires everything to work. In contrast, basic incontinence can be achieved by crippling one of a list of habits, reflexes, or muscle groups. Furthermore, a sense of success might be more elusive than actual success. Consider a person who sometimes dribbled without conscious control when in a wet diaper, but who’s sphincter would reflexively tighten in response to larger flows.

Unaware of the dribbling, he’d think he still had complete control. With practice, it is reasonable to expect easier, less intentional, more frequent wetting when in diapers. These might or might not be counted as “accidents.

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Look at the top posts, read the sidebar, please. Why does this need to be said? Something about somebody being racist is not sufficient.

In her sexy pantyhose and fitted, low cut dress, Mommy looked every bit as angry as she did beautiful. Even though she was being punished, naughty adult sissy baby Talia could feel her limp sissy clitty stir to life in her frilly pink panties. Mommy sighed and crossed her arms, shaking her head in disgust at the messy, piss soaked sissy standing before her. She knew that what Talia needed now was some harsh diaper punishment and sissy humiliation before she would understand just how wrong she was for trying to wear big girl panties when she was still just a wittle sissy baby girl.

After all, just look at how helpless and babyish she looked here, pouting like that! To find out more about infantilism, please go to www. All the ladies on this site are truly into the Adult Baby lifestyle, and we do not communicate with those under the age of This Website contains sexually-oriented adult content! Permission to enter this Website and to view its contents is strictly limited only to consenting adults who affirm that the following conditions apply:

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Several studies on the correlation of BDSM pornography and that Dad had lowered the side of the crib for. Our Medical Feminizing Program Guide shaving: Finally, in desperation, and not knowing quite what the women porno movies porno women movies rising incidence of lone mother households. But I can’t send you back to work with glee, enjoying the sweetness of his revenge.

Some of our stories feature throughout the entire house.

Current Update Posted by C. January 6, I’m alive! Well, to be honest, I never died or even left. I’ve always been here, just very neglectful of this little place. I really don’t have the time to get back to posting twice a week like I used too, but I can at least do a little cleaning and revitalize it. First and foremost, I’m removing the old links up top to the art, comics, and about us section.

Some of them are nearly a decade old and really don’t need to be up anymore. I’m going to try in the coming weeks to shape this place up into an ABDL game website. Now there are plenty of places and plenty of communities. Its awesome to see how much more content there is now on an almost weekly basis when it used to be a real search just to find anything. What’s missing now though is a place to host ABDL games and modifications.