Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Big Grams (Big Boi + Phantogram)

Posted in ’til Tuesday , Aimee Mann , F. Aimee Mann is pretty legendary at this point. Her solo albums are sweetly sad: Her voice is calm and kind of deep and she casts rather an imposing figure given her height. She plays four songs from her new album, Mental Illness. The band fleshes out the sound nicely, with a good bottom end. I described it as enjoyable but slight.

Phantogram – Three

Though the duo, also featuring producer Josh Carter, have always had a darker sound, the loss was impossible to separate from their music. We were holding hands going through the same thing. As much of a tragedy it all is, I think the best way to describe it is a beautiful car crash in a way. We were able to make a really powerful record with our situation.

“This record was just free-flowing and that’s just the way we always approach music, but working with Josh and Sarah and all the electronic sounds, vibes and ghostly things, we have a lot of ideas that we have left on the table,” Big Boi said.

March 30, The Shins-Chutes too Narrow Chutes too Narrow is indie perfection…great acoustic riffs and melodic, sometimes shout like vocals. Girl Talk-Night Ripper It took me a while to accept Girl Talk as a legitimate musical act, but the more I listened, the more I developed respect for the creative genius behind these mixes.

No one does it better. Wilco-Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Wilco is the deserving poster band for indie music. YHF combines acoustic rock with some of the most unique production I have ever heard. Animal Collective-Merriweather Post Pavilion In a decade of changing music, no one pushed the boundaries of music farther than Animal Collective. Loaded with sampled guitars, loops, and sounds galore, MPP will soon be seen as an album that changed music forever.

Blending experimental music with pop, Animal Collective took music to the next level, and continues to do so.

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The band started in as a duo formed by Haines and Shaw with the name “Mainstream”. Their third studio album, Grow Up and Blow Away , was recorded in and it was initially planned as their debut album. The album was delayed for many years and it was finally released on June 26, , with some changes to the track list. Some songs were also slightly reworked. Metric’s fourth album Fantasies was released on April 7, Metric also won the “Group of the Year”.

Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter of musical guest Phantogram perform on June 16, Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter of musical guest Phantogram perform on June 16, –Less More. Embed. Embed License. 1 of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter of musical guest Phantogram .

Their lighting technician is the Shaun White of live visualizations. As superb as the lighting was, the real fascinating factor was how well the lights synched up with the sounds flooding from the speakers. I lifted up onto my toes and raised a hand toward the ceiling and I swayed back to front singing along. The lead singer Davis shook his hands like they were on fire while he bounced around making it difficult to unglue your eyes from him.

I strongly recommend you give their new album at least a listen. Hopefully they release a vinyl version soon.

All About Shaun White’s Rocker Girlfriend Sarah Barthel, Who ‘Understands’ the Olympian

But the Hills star Audrina Patridge certainly got intro the spirit of the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs, where around a dozen guitars were broken to inaugurate the venue on Thursday. The year-old TV presenter wore a hard hat and a pair of goggles as she slammed her instrument into pieces. Audrina Patridge wears goggles and a helmet as she smashes a guitar into pieces at the launch of Hard Rock Palm Springs Hotel The model looked typically glamorous in a blue floral graphic print minidress teamed with black sandals.

Phantogram, a New York-based indie electronic duo featuring Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel, returns to central Iowa following the release of “Third,” the (you guessed it) third studio album.

The band consists of Sarah Barthel vocals, keyboards and Joshua Carter guitar, vocals. Their music can be described as a culmination of unique street beat rhythms, psychedelic melodies and organic textures. The band practices and writes music in an out-of-town farm called Harmony Lodge. The group name was inspired by the optical illusion called phantogram.

Barthel and Carter were friends since junior high school. Barthel pursued a visual arts degree while Carter formed the experimental band Grand Habit. In the summer of they reunited and worked on finishing some beat ideas Carter made earlier. The duo was originally called Charlie Everywhere when performing around the Saratoga Springs area on the local label Sub-Bombin Records.

In March , they self-released a five song EP, Phantogram EP, which featured four songs that ended up being on the full length. The album received generally favorable reviews.

Phantogram – Same Old Blues

These are simply the releases that received lots of play in my car, home or office during the past year. The need to skip ahead over a track here or there is rare. In this new age of single downloads over full album purchases, I find this trait to be even more admirable.

Pilot is the first episode of Drake& Josh. It aired on January 11, Drake Parker lives with his younger sister, Megan, and his mother, Audrey. Josh Nichols lives with his father, Walter. Drake and Josh both attend Belleview High School in San Diego and Walter and Audrey are dating. Drake.

But Kylie Jenner made sure she was front and center when she arrived a day early ahead of the epic weekend music festival. The year-old was among the first of the famous faces to arrive in the Palm Desert on Thursday, which she did via private jet. Kylie Jenner was among the first to arrive ahead of Coachella as she stepped off her private jet in Palm Springs on Thursday As expected the reality star Snapchatted her arrival, sharing a vid of herself driving right up to the door of the waiting aircraft in her Bentley.

Emerging in the sweltering Indio heat, Kylie rocked a cropped leather jacket and long grey bodycon skirt, with an eye-catching silver handbag hooked on her arm Crew: She was joined by BFF Jordyn Woods Emerging in the sweltering Indio heat, Kylie rocked a cropped leather jacket and long grey bodycon skirt, with an eye-catching silver handbag hooked on her arm. Radiohead will headline Friday night, followed by the pregnant-Beyonce-replacing Lady Gaga on Saturday, while Kendrick Lamar closes out on Sunday, before they do it all again the following weekend.

Kylie – and almost , others – have an epic weekend of music ahead of them as the festival returns for the 18th time Share or comment on this article: Kylie Jenner is among the first to arrive for Coachella.

This Weekend’s Kids & Family Activities in Fairfield

You are very welcome to discover this striving young duo during their Showcase concert on 22 February at the Rockhalcafe. Phantogram’s music sounds as though as it is urban-based, despite the fact that the band calls the town of Saratoga Springs, NY their home. Electronic loops, hip-hop beats, shoegaze, soul, pop all find the way into their music. Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel, the duo that make up Phantogram grew up in the nearby town of Greenwich.

They drive almost every day to a barn they call Harmony Lodge to write and record. It’s here that Phantogram allows their natural surroundings and metropolitan influences to meld together and create the beautiful, beat-driven dreamlike pop songs that appear on their release, Eyelid Movies.

But Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel, the duo that make up Phantogram and who grew up in the even smaller nearby municipality of Greenwich, have flourished in Saratoga.

It aired on January 11, Josh Nichols lives with his father, Walter. Drake comes home to see Walter and Audrey kissing. Drake shudders, walks up to them, and blows a whistle, causing them to scream and jump apart. Josh bursts out of the kitchen, brandishing a mop. Drake doesn’t know why Josh was there and not at his house, so Audrey tells Drake to get Megan. When Megan comes down the stairs, Walter and Audrey reveal to Drake and Megan that they were getting married. Josh already knows this and is happy, but Drake can’t believe this.

Also, Josh would be moving into Drake’s room. Drake is even more unhappy about this because Drake thinks Josh is goofy and clammy.

“You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” – Phantogram [YouTube Official Music Video + In The Studio]

With a picturesque background framing downtown San Francisco, The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and beyond, and with a massive lineup of bands ranging from electronica to indie rock to hip-hop, this makes for one of the best music festivals out there. Day 1 of the festival was highlighted by Phantogram, one of the hottest electronic rock bands, who headlined the Tunnel Stage in true rock star fashion. Even with the frigid Bay breeze, the duo from upstate New York blazed through all of their hits, as well as new tracks from the upcoming full-length album, Voices.

Before Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel, aka Phantogram, electrified the stage at Treasure Island, yours truly had the honor of catching up with them to chat about everything from musical inspirations to collaborating with Big Boi to deep thoughts about their music. Welcome back to Treasure Island Music Festival! You guys are one of the few bands that have had the opportunity to play at this festival twice now.

With a track record dating back to her days as a member of the R&B act Destiny’s Child, Beyonce has reaped 20 Grammy wins, but only one of them has been in a so-called “big four” general.

It also is the name of an indie Greenwich, NY duo made up of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter, whom since have been creating a unique brand of post-trip-hop, electronic alt-rock, largely built upon samples and beats. In between their first and second albums, Eyelid Movies and Voices , Phantogram met up with Big Boi in , lending three songs to his second solo album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.

After fans clamored for them to record an entire album together, not to mention constantly bumping into one another on the festival circuit, they have finally joined forces for the Big Grams project, with a little help from Skrillex, Run the Jewels, and 9th Wonder. Cuepoint spoke with the trio about the new collaboration. For me, it changes on a daily basis. I see it as kind of like the marriage — or at least a one night stand — between the two groups.

It’s actually derived from the seven deadly sins. So that one on the cover was the sexiest, so we decided to use that for the cover.

Phantogram – Fall In Love

The absolute best part though? This year, Stampede has some BIG names that you get to see totally free with admission ticket. Whatever genre of music is your favourite, you’re bound to see a name here that tickles your fancy.

Oct 05,  · I heard Phantogram play an in-studio version of “Don’t Move” on a recording posted online by KEXP in Seattle last month. Now the upstate New York duo of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter have released an official version of the single, which appears on their new mini-EP, “Nightlife”. The band is currently working on the.

Critics didn’t love the singer-songwriter’s highly anticipated major-label debut, but it was a hit, selling more than 5 million copies worldwide. Her follow-up is expected to arrive this year, though no details have been released aside from the title. DeMarco will also take his bawdy live act on the road for much of the first half of the year. Go-Go Boots 78 The Southern rockers’ first LP in three years and their 10th overall is reportedly a return to their simpler, more rock-oriented early sound, with Mike Cooley telling Rolling Stone that English Oceans is reminiscent of the Truckers’ live album Alabama Ass Whuppin’.

Cooley and fellow frontman Patterson Hood split songwriting duties evenly a first , and the band recorded once again with producer David Barbe. Listen to album track “Pauline Hawkins”. Watch the video for shoegaze-y “Lost Boys and Girls Club” , or listen to the new single “Rimbaud Eyes” , which sounds like it was taken from the soundtrack to a lost John Hughes movie.

Build a Rocket Boys! That’s true even when it’s as awkwardly titled as this supposedly “experimental” and Brooklyn-influenced sixth LP. Anderson followed her impressive solo debut album by signing to Matador Records, which will release her follow-up—dealing with themes of humanity’s place in the digital age—this year. Listen to the menacing but accessible first single “Satellites” , which sounds little like her previous album. FKA twigs tbd Young Turks due tbd Another British artist making the rounds on new-artists-to-watch lists, ballet dancer-turned-singer Tahliah Barnett currently known as FKA twigs is expected to release her debut album this year after impressing critics with EPs in and

Talking Beats and Big Boi with Sarah Barthel of Phantogram