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When booting the legacy 3. A cleaned up fork has been adopted by Armbian project. On top of that Armbian maintains a bunch of 3. Mainline kernel The H3 SoC is supported by the mainline kernels. For cpufreq, thermal, and HDMI audio support a third party patches or b a pre-patched distro e. Armbian is still needed cpufreq support will appear in 4.

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Programmers wrote source code using a text editor ; the source code was then compiled into object code often requiring multiple passes , and a linker combined object code with runtime libraries to produce an executable program. In the early IBM PC market —83 the major programming tool vendors all made compilers that worked in a similar fashion. For example, the Microsoft Pascal system consisted of two compiler passes and a final linking pass which could take minutes on systems with only floppy disks for secondary storage, although programs were very much smaller than they are today.

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Top view This tar includes: Libraries, executables and prototypes are easily made, as described below. When you extract from the archive, all files are put in a subdirectory ‘leptonica In that directory you will find a src directory containing the source files for the library, and a prog directory containing source files for various testing and example programs. Autoconf handles the following automatically: There’s also a ‘make check’ for testing.

The build must always be in a different directory from the root of the source here. It is common to build in a subdirectory of the root. From the root directory, do this: If you’ve already run make-for-local and renamed the static makefiles, and you then want to build with autoconf, run make-for-auto to rename them back to makefile. By default it goes into a tree whose root is also the parent of the src and prog directories. Then in prog you can customize the makefile for linking the external libraries:

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Important Notes and Updates Due to a current problem with the unstable Debian repositories, it is recommended that you remove the entries from the sources. I present below a guide for following the steps that are in the book using Debian 8. The only pages that are affected by this problem are pages and — however, the subsequent steps are reliant on the installation of a cross toolchain.

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They are usually in directories like this: Assuming you have code you need to link to in a file called example. However, SWIG tries to guess the right options when it is installed. If that doesn’t work, you will need to read the man-pages for your compiler and linker to get the right set of options. Important If you are going to use optimisations turned on with gcc for example -O2 , ensure you also compile with -fno-strict-aliasing.

The GCC optimisations have become more aggressive from gcc The name of the shared library output file is important. If the name of your SWIG module is “example”, the name of the corresponding shared library file should be “libexample. To load your shared native library module in Java, simply use Java’s System. As shown in the previous section the code to load a native library shared library is System. This can fail with an UnsatisfiedLinkError exception and can be due to a number of reasons.

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Cython code, unlike Python, must be compiled. This happens in two stages: The -a switch additionally produces an annotated html file of the source code.

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Without a heatsink the Orange Pi PC overheats easily and will drop cores to thwart further temperature increase and unfortunately the heatsink provided by the manufacturer does little to help. With adjusted dvfs entries and an upper limit of 1. It is also possible to power the device via GPIO pin header: In this case it helps to grab the fel-sdboot. Tested and works on Pi PC Plus. You can connect it to GND. It is very close so it is not too hard. I draw it as yellow line. When using kernel 3.

By changing the definition in the fex file see patch or fex with applied fix both LEDs can be used the usual way using different triggers and so on CPU clock speed limit The Allwinner H3 manual does not provide the CPU clock speed information. The default CPU voltage is 1. According to the table above, this default voltage should be safe for using with the CPU clock frequencies up to MHz.

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SpaceX Advertisement – Continue Reading Below For two years now, SpaceX has been wowing us with the aerospace marvel that is landing the first stage booster of an orbital class rocket. Since its first successful Falcon 9 landing in December , SpaceX has only crashed three of the rockets that it intended to land, and the California-based spaceflight company hasn’t lost a first stage in an attempted landing since June In that same time, SpaceX has orchestrated 16 successful Falcon 9 first stage landings.

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This creates two different files; a C/C++ source file example_wrap.c or and numerous Java files. The generated C/C++ source file contains the JNI wrapper code that needs to be compiled and linked with the rest of your C/C++ application.

The following is a summary of the bicycling laws and statutes they provide: Automobiles and Other Vehicles , but the following are relevant excerpts: Unlawful acts; application of regulations. Traffic laws apply to persons riding bicycles. Every person riding a bicycle upon a roadway shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle by this act, except as otherwise provided in K.

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The Epsilon Program does not exist in just one time or place. We invite you to visit one of our enlightenment centers. Directions will be provided in one week’s time. If you are chosen, your features will be used to create one of the five characters in the game. Participation in the Event constitutes participant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Terms and represents that you satisfy all of the requirements set forth below. To participate in the Event, you must i fill out the form at www.

Last modified: Monday, Aug UTC For questions regarding web content and site functionality, please write to the net-snmp-users mail list. For questions regarding web content and site functionality, please write to the net-snmp-users mail list.

For information about these initialization parameters, see Oracle Database Reference. For information, see Oracle Database Reference. You do not need to do anything to get the benefits of this new optimizer. It is enabled by default. In even rarer cases, you might see a change in exception behavior, either an exception that is not raised at all, or one that is raised earlier than expected. Programs that do a lot of mathematical calculations.

You will want to look at all performance features to make the function as efficient as possible, and perhaps a function-based index to precompute the results for each row and save on query time. With the many performance improvements in Oracle Database 10g, any code from earlier releases is a candidate for tuning. You will want to investigate native compilation.

Before starting any tuning effort, benchmark the current system and measure how long particular subprograms take. Slow SQL statements are the main reason for slow execution. If SQL statements are slowing down your program:

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The original UK version of the album includes the full introductory instrumental, featuring a loud free-form Blackmore guitar passage blending into a quieter Lord organ piece; the US version did not include the intro. The hard-rocking song features a midsection “call-and-answer” solo exchange between Blackmore and Lord, which presaged their live performances for years to come; it was regularly played at concerts during the Mark II era, starting as an opener, but more frequently performed as an encore.

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11 Tuning PL/SQL Applications for Performance. This chapter shows you how to write efficient PL/SQL code, and speed up existing code. This chapter contains these topics: Initialization Parameters for PL/SQL Compilation.

These extra comments use extra memory, thus making prepared statements larger and very slightly slower, and so they are turned off by default and in most application. This option is experimental and may be discontinued in a future release. The additional logic attempts to determine the type of the underlying filesystem and choose and alternative locking strategy that works correctly for that filesystem type. Five locking strategies are available: Locks are obtained and released using the fcntl system call.

Locks are obtained and released using the flock system call. This locking style is used when neither flock nor POSIX locking styles are supported by the file system. Database locks are obtained by creating and entry in the file-system at a well-known location relative to the database file a “dot-file” and relinquished by deleting the same file. If none of the above can be supported, this locking style is used.

No database locking mechanism is used. When this system is used it is not safe for a single database to be accessed by multiple clients. Additionally, five extra VFS implementations are provided as well as the default.

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This is the chapter web page to support the content in Chapter 7 of the book: Exploring BeagleBone – Tools and Techniques for Building with Embedded Linux.

SQL Server can natively compile stored procedures that access memory-optimized tables. SQL Server is also able to natively compile memory-optimized tables. Native compilation allows faster data access and more efficient query execution than interpreted traditional Transact-SQL. Native compilation of tables and stored procedures produce DLLs.

Native compilation of memory optimized table types is also supported. For more information, see Faster temp table and table variable by using memory optimization. Native compilation refers to the process of converting programming constructs to native code, consisting of processor instructions without the need for further compilation or interpretation. In addition, the DLLs are recompiled after a database or server restart.

The information necessary to recreate the DLLs is stored in the database metadata.

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