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Reading the list I sent you, which comes from the personal archive of the painting sector manager so I assume it to be precise I think that, given the frame in the end of September and the frame just at the beginning of January and considered the Christmas and New Year’s Eve holydays, even if built early in December that bike would mean that Guzzi made less than bikes in over two months and then more than bikes in just 20 days. Very difficult, especially in a very hot period when strikes were frequent. This conviction is more solid considering that I asked Guzzi a few years ago the origin certificate to be allowed to register a bike with no documents, frame number , and they asked me to help them! The homologation tab told us it was a bike. All this just to say that the registers are probably a mix of dates, communicated by different sectors of the factory production, shipments and that a bike could maybe be formally ready but immediately put in the assistance sector to fix some error in assembly or any other problem like for example the nylon pigmented front mudguards, that always arrived in the wrong colour Typical Italian, especially then! Jens, I just received this response to my query from Moe at Cycle Garden: Steve, all US export Sports came with serial ‘s starting with for production for production for production for production. The prototype sports, the first had a red frame and green tank, but I don’t know the series s on those. Steve And this one: This is my understanding the situation.

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Now you can date your Browning firearm. The serial number found on your gun has the answer. This area will help you read that serial number. To find your serial number, you .

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* Serial numbers were also used. ** C. F. Martin & Co. begins using one set of serial numbers for guitars & mandolins. Mandolins are custom order only.

Were all gonna die then anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter. I have heard that in PRS is building over guitars a day. So the numbers are climbing fast now. Possible exceptions Because the bolt on guitars have numbers stamped on them conceivably they could be using plates up until at least February of I don’t think they throw the preprinted plates away just because the year changes. I am not sure of this but I do remember getting guitars delivered in etc.

Other ways to tell Important changeover years — PRS stopped offering Brazilian rosewood fingerboards. They went to a high quality, less expensive, but real mother of pearl. This tailpiece is made from white metal with absolutely NO saddle adjustment not recommended. The ones used previously were the excellent quality Gibson style Nashville 2 piece system with fully adjustable saddles.

The saddles are no longer highly polished and they tend to dull up and tarnish. This affects the playability of the guitar adversely and also reduces the value of the guitar greatly.

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From that day on, this number was incremented by 1 every day, whether the factory was operational on that day or not. To calculate the day of production easier, I have included an ORGA-number to production date converter below. ORGA number to production date converter In order to be able to use the converter below, you’ll need a Javascript-enabled browser like Netscape Navigator 2.

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All votes are appreciated! If you find the following information helpful, please scroll to the bottom of this page and vote “YES” to the guide’s helpfulness. Your vote will help my guides be more accessible to other people with the same questions. Knowlege is power and together we can combat the counterfeit market. Many Vintage Louis Vuitton do not have Date Codes at all and nowadays almost all fake bags have date codes.

Date code DC is also commonly refered to as “serial numbers” and can be used interchangeably. DC were only widely used after the ‘s. The DC was meant for the use of Louis Vuitton employees internally to identify their own handbags.

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Founded in by Jean-Marc Vacheron, who was both a talented young watchmaker and a good businessman an unusual combination , Vacheron quickly established a reputation for producing finely crafted watches, including some of the first “complications” and the first engine-turned dials. Abraham Vacheron, Jean-Marc’s son, assumed control of the family business in It was Constantin who first coined the Vacheron Constantin motto: Faire Mieux si possible, ce qui est toujours possible – “Do better when possible, and it is always possible!

In , the company hired Georges-Auguste Leschot, one of the true pioneers of European watch production.

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Certina serial number system Originally Posted by Emre Shum,I would love to contribute into your well spent effort,thank you for sharing. We might shed some light into the earlier periods if we find a common ground of information and I can share Glycine serial numbers from pre s,this might help both of us. But we need to make some research and put our information together to confirm.

All know,I collect Glycine; I have verbal information from the ‘then owner’s son’ of Glycine, that the company was bought from Certina.

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